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Comprehensive Tax & Accounting in Tulsa

close up of finance documents and calculatorWhen you partner with Michael G. Batchlear, CPA, you will quickly discover the benefits of the one-on-one attention and personalization that only a small CPA firm like ours can provide. Our certified public accountant Michael G. Batchlear, combines hard work and expertise to deliver solutions designed specifically to support your personal and professional needs year-round. He provides a comprehensive range of tax and accounting services that individuals and small businesses throughout Tulsa have come to rely on since 1991. His services also extend to the Broken Arrow and Owasso communities.

Our CPA is happy to accommodate you, whether through one-on-one meetings at our firm, virtually, or at the location of your choice. When choosing our firm of Michael G. Batchlear, CPA, you can expect personalized service, flexible availability, and the technology needed to simplify your tax and bookkeeping needs. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

Comprehensive Solutions for Individuals & Small Businesses

Every business and individual is unique, which is why our CPA believes in taking the time to tailor solutions and processes to your needs. When working with Michael G. Batchlear, CPA, you will receive personalized attention and exceptional customer service from a one-man operation. Our certified public accountant makes honest recommendations on everything from your goals and liabilities to industry-specific trends and challenges.

Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:

Michael G. Batchlear has a unique set of skills and experience, allowing him to provide services for various unique personal and professional needs. Whether you own multiple rental properties, own a small business, are buying and selling stock, or looking to invest in tax incentives, he can help.

Our CPA has extensive, first-hand knowledge of the oil and gas industry and market. He can support these businesses through a variety of tax and accounting challenges. Our CPA also supports service businesses, contractors, real estate property owners.

Expert Tax Support & Guidance Throughout the Year

US treasure check and american flagMichael G. Batchlear, CPA specializes in providing strategic tax services for Tulsa small businesses and individuals. He understands that expert tax preparation and planning are essential to help you save money, protect your bottom line, and plan for the future. Our tax expert offers support all year-round, ensuring that trusted resources are always within your reach.

Our certified public accountant makes sure that each service matches your unique needs, whether personally, professionally, or both. From finding qualified deductions and credits to organizing and filing tax documents, you know you're in good hands. Michael G. Batchlear is ready to use his talent and expertise to help you with tax preparation and planning, regardless of your situation or how often you need support.

From New Startups to Established Small Businesses

Michael G. Batchlear, CPA is here to help your business from the very beginning. He takes time to build relationships and provide everything necessary to support your professional goals. If you are a new business owner this includes selecting the right entity for tax purposes and creating a strategic plan that adapts and grows with your business.

Contact Our Tax & Accounting Expert in Tulsa Today!

Michael G. Batchlear, CPA uses a unique set of skills, experience, and a personal approach to promoting your long-term success. Our firm can support you year-round at the office or virtually through a secure portal. The office is located on East 7th Street just off of South Garnett Road. Contact our Tulsa certified public accountant for a free consultation today!

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