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The state of the economy is such that the prudent business owner must know where he stands financially and from an income tax standpoint at all times.  The powers in Washington, under their tax and spend policies, have effectively declared war on small business and opened the door to higher taxes and an increase in regulations.  

This puts the survival of the small businesses in jeopardy and only the businesses with real time knowledge of the tax and business consequences of their actions and transactions will survive.

My CPA practice is dedicated to providing the real time knowledge and services you need to survive and prosper in today’s economic environment.  We must maintain our integrity and stay within the bounds of the tax laws but take advantage of everything available.  Our CPAs represent several decades of intense scrutiny of the tax laws and available options to minimize our clients tax burden and search congressional back door bills that provide hidden perks for their own uses.  These hidden perks are available to all Americans.  Our job is to help our clients take advantage of every possible tax savings available.

I have worked in all areas of small business as a public accountant, as a small business owner and as CFO of Public corporations.  My main area of expertise is in individual and corporate taxation.

Tax laws are voluminous and complicated.  As such the tax laws present many options for business structuring to provide tax savings as well as many “gotch ya’s” if you don’t comply with the total tax concept.  For years I watched entrepreneur congressional leaders and the tax laws they passed for their own business benefit to determine legal ways to help my clients.  

Knowing that each business has its own unique and specific characteristics I helped clients incorporate tax strategies (tailored to their business operations) to increase profits and reduce tax liabilities.  By providing monthly accounting and compilation services, I am able to provide timely advice and accurate tax preparation services which helps me to become an integral part of the successes of my clients’ businesses.


Our accounting firm is known for the quality of its service. Our firm's reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves.

Our primary goal as a trusted advisor is to be available and to provide insightful advice to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. We do not accept anything less from ourselves and this is what we deliver to you.
We feel it is extremely important to continually professionally educate ourselves to improve our technical expertise, financial knowledge and service to our clients.
We will answer all of your questions, as they impact both your tax and financial situations. We welcome you to contact us anytime.

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