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Comprehensive Tax Services for Individuals in Tulsa

close up of spreadsheet and calculatorThe office of Michael G. Batchlear, CPA provides tax planning and preparation services for property owners, investors, traders, and small business owners. We help individuals with both personal and business taxes, whether you need them done separately or together. Our skilled CPA can also assist with incentive investments such as tax shelters.

Our firm's tax services in Tulsa are available year-round, and we're always happy to take on new clients. We will help you reach your unique goals by providing tax planning and preparation services tailored to your needs. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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Why Do I Need Assistance with My Taxes?

Receiving assistance with your taxes can help save you time and money. Our CPA knows how to maximize your deductions for the current year while offering ongoing tax planning guidance for the future. If your taxes are confusing and difficult to manage on your own, the firm of Michael G. Batchlear, CPA can help. We provide expert advice on changes that can affect your taxes, including:

  • Significant purchases
  • Ownership of rental properties
  • Retirement planning
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Ownership of a small business

Keeping up with changing tax regulations can be a challenge. When significant life changes or new policies influence your liability, we'll be with you every step of the way. Rely on us to help you capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks associated with your taxes.

Integrated Tax Planning Strategies

businessman using calculator and working on tax planEffective financial planning requires a strong tax strategy that can support your future goals. We apply tax planning strategies that accommodate your philosophy and situation. Our team will help you take advantage of any available incentives that can help lower your taxable income and protect your assets.

We use advanced software to simplify your bookkeeping and keep your records organized and up to date. With our secure client portal and virtual tax services, you'll have all the information you need to evaluate your tax planning strategy at any time. If you find technology intimidating, our CPA will take the time to create a process you understand and feel confident about.

Benefits of Tulsa Tax Preparation for Individuals

Our team remains informed of any changes to local, state, and federal tax laws that may impact your tax situation. We work hard to protect your revenue from undue taxation, fees, or penalties that get between you and your financial goals. Some key benefits of professional tax preparation include:

Free Up Valuable Time: Preparing individual taxes can be complicated, time-consuming work. It can be incredibly challenging if you have many taxable events to consider. Getting help from our firm will save you hours of tedious labor. The IRS estimates that the average taxpayer will spend 13 hours preparing and filing taxes. This is time you could spend with your family or on growing your business. Our tax experts will get the job done quickly, streamlining your return so you can move on to other things.

Find Unclaimed Tax Deductions: We can identify all the deductions and credits you qualify for and may even find new ways to reduce your tax obligations. Over time, these deductions can add up to a considerable amount of savings. Our team is highly knowledgeable and current on all relevant tax laws, allowing us to protect your income in many ways.

Ensure Taxes are Accurate: It's easy to overlook details when preparing taxes on your own. These mistakes can delay a tax return or even prompt an audit. As seasoned tax specialists, we are familiar and consistent with what we do, significantly reducing the risk of errors. Our CPA will ensure all the information is complete and up-to-date if you have multiple income streams or complex tax obligations.

Reduce Expenses: If you own a business, we can evaluate your accounting processes and identify tax opportunities that reduce expenses. Planning the right time to sell or purchase equipment, vehicles, or real estate can positively affect your tax bill and help your business run more efficiently.

Receive Support in Case of an Audit: In the rare event of an audit, our specialist will be there to support you. We will help prepare all the documents requested by the IRS and walk you through the entire process. Without guidance, an audit can be a frustrating experience. Although less than 1% of income tax returns get audited, it's a good idea to have someone with extensive experience on your side if it occurs.

Tulsa Tax Preparation and Planning Services for Individuals

Our Tulsa tax planning and preparation services can help you secure your financial future. We will work with you on asset protection, risk management, and retirement planning, no matter how complex your taxes may be.

At the firm of Michael G. Batchlear, CPA, our goal is to lessen your tax burden and develop a plan that preserves your wealth. Call to discuss your tax concerns and set up an appointment to get started today!

Call Us: (918) 812-8112 Book a Consultation

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